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Preeti Gureja

Preeti Gureja

India’s Leading Culture Coach

We ignite greatness within organizations by cultivating exceptional leaders, cohesive teams, and winning cultures


Our first interaction was an instant connection. Preeti’s ability to listen emphatically and actively allowed her to help me gain more clarity. We were able to conclude on some immediate and interesting action items that I knew could make a difference to my team. Looking forward to more of such “clarity sessions” with her.

Mr Akshay Pahade

Founder - Grattitude  Synergy LLP

I had the pleasure of working with Preeti. She has inspired my team & also produced tangible results. There is a positive shift in my organization with increased productivity and a motivated workforce.
Highly recommended!!!

Mr Mukund Bub

CEO -Neha Beverages

Honors, Accomplishments & Recognition – Including Video Interviews

Creator of ASTHA - the leadership framework

Preeti, a botanist turned Entrepreneur, best Woman Entrepreneur awardee, left her suffocating corporate job to start Learn360. Rejecting the notion that manufacturing teams couldn’t have a learning culture, Preeti’s vision is to transform the lives of countless employees and prove that work doesn’t have to be LIFELESS.

Preeti – A culture coach has pioneered, the ASTHA Leadership Framework that encapsulates the entire lifecycle of an individual within your organization. From the initial recruitment phase to the final chapter of departure, this comprehensive approach redefines leadership at every stage. With a holistic vision, she ensures that the framework not only propels professional growth but also nurtures a sense of belonging throughout the employee’s journey.

Preeti and her team of 100s of passionate trainers are driven to transform manufacturing teams and make a better place for them to work.1000s of lives have been positively impacted, and as a result, businesses have experienced profound growth.


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“Nurturing Growth Through a Decade of Research: Unlocking Your Team’s Potential with Tailored Learning Solutions for Professional Advancement.”

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Signature programs

Elevate your team’s communication with “ABC – Art of Business Communication.” This dynamic program unlocks the secrets of impactful communication, empowering your team to inspire action and drive results.

Effective communication lies at the heart of every successful organization. “ABC” goes beyond traditional communication training, diving into the art of crafting compelling messages, fostering collaboration, and igniting motivation. Equip your team with the skills to captivate, persuade, and lead with confidence.

“ABC” is tailor-made for professionals across all levels seeking to enhance their communication finesse. From executives looking to refine their leadership presence to team members eager to convey ideas more persuasively, this program is a must for anyone who recognizes the pivotal role of communication in achieving business objectives.

Immerse your team in this transformative journey. Our carefully designed modules balance theory and practice, ensuring participants grasp the nuances of effective communication and put them into immediate action.

“Samay Ki Dahaad: From Chaos to Control” is a transformative journey that combines the power of time management with emotional intelligence. This program increases productivity, balance, and well-being.

Time is a precious resource. “Samay Ki Dahaad” recognizes that effective time management goes beyond mere scheduling. By incorporating emotional intelligence principles, this program equips individuals to not only allocate time wisely but also to understand their priorities, manage stress, and forge meaningful connections. The result- Enhanced focus, heightened efficiency, and a renewed sense of purpose.

“Samay Ki Dahaad” welcomes professionals from all walks of life who grapple with the demands of time and seek a holistic approach to mastering it. Executives striving for work-life balance, entrepreneurs juggling multiple roles, and individuals wishing to optimize their personal and professional time will find immense value in this program.

Embark on this enlightening journey and witness the transformation from chaos to control. Our expertly designed modules offer a blend of practical strategies and emotional intelligence insights, ensuring participants not only manage their time effectively but also foster a more harmonious relationship with it.

“Seeds of Success” is an empowering journey designed exclusively for new entrants to the organization. This program plants the seeds of leadership within fresh graduates, nurturing their personal and professional growth to bloom into future leaders.

The transition from college to corporate life can be challenging, but “Seeds of Success” serves as a compass for navigating this transformative period. By imparting crucial skills in communication, problem-solving, and self-development, this program lays the foundation for not just career success, but also leadership excellence. Participants are equipped to sow the seeds of their potential, cultivate them over time, and reap the rewards of becoming accomplished leaders.

“Seeds of Success” is a must-attend program for recent graduates who aspire to become influential leaders in their careers. Whether you’re stepping into the professional world for the first time or seeking to enhance your early experiences, this program is tailored to nurture the growth of new joiners.

Embark on a transformational journey, through engaging workshops, insightful discussions, and practical exercises, participants will receive the knowledge and guidance needed to sow the seeds of success and embark on a path toward becoming the future leaders you envision.

“I 2 WE: One Brand, One Team, One Culture” is a transformative team-building experience designed to unite individual contributors into a cohesive and collaborative force. This program initiates a shared identity that amplifies team synergy and one organization.

Teamwork lies at the core of organizational success, and “I 2 WE” acknowledges that synergy is born from strong collaboration. By harnessing the strengths of individual contributors, this program cultivates a unified team that not only embodies the brand’s values but also co-creates a thriving workplace culture. The result is improved productivity, enhanced innovation, and a resilient team that’s poised to overcome challenges together.

“I 2 WE” is designed for individual contributors/ managers who seek to maximize their team’s potential. Whether you’re a new team member striving to integrate seamlessly or a seasoned contributor aiming to enhance collaboration, this program caters to professionals at all levels who are committed to fostering a cohesive and high-performing team.

Join us for an immersive experience, where participants embark on a transformative journey from individual efforts to collective accomplishments. Through interactive workshops, team-building exercises, and insightful discussions, attendees will develop the skills needed to contribute harmoniously to the team’s shared goals.

Why Learn360?

Training Features

“Businesses are as productive as their people”

The best-performing organizations get four things right, every time.


Building Leadership

Exceptional organizations are led by visionary leaders who inspire and guide their teams toward a shared purpose.


High-Performing Teams

Success thrives on high-performing teams that collaborate, communicate, and deliver outstanding results.


Winning Culture

Cultivating a winning culture fuels continuous improvement and adaptability for continuous Growth.



Customer-Centric Focus

The best-performing organizations prioritize customer needs, ensuring their products and services exceed expectations.

Our Purpose

“Our sole purpose is to empower your success in these four critical areas. With our tailored solutions, we enable you to foster collective action and drive profound, meaningful change.”

Our team creates ideal solutions for your unique needs.

Expert consultants, facilitators, and coaches design and deliver learning solutions tailored to your organization’s most important goals.


"Unlock Your Business Potential with Tailored Training Solutions"