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The Future Has Begun

Remember all the futuristic movies you have seen. Now remember all the futuristic things these movies showed and made you fascinated than ever. Right from the flying cars to transparent projection screens, from A.I. assistant to transforming watches. Everything now is coming to reality, yes! You read it right, all that we have been seeing on the TV screens which seems over stretched cinematic liberties is taking shape to be a truth in the coming future.
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The technological developments in the recent years have outpaced the growth of technology of all the eras and this transformation could be called as the building years of the information age.
Technological growth
As a result of the technological growth, nothing has been left untouched by it. One such big revolution that has taken place is with ‘marketing’. Technology has started to change the way we marketed products and services and this change is called Digital Marketing.
Digital Marketing is the marketing of your product or service done on the internet instead of the traditional marketing which are done on contemporary mediums like TV, radio, newspaper etc. Digital Marketing is a big term which encomposses a range of things done VIA the internet like something as typical as advertisements to as new as optimization.
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Technology is the seed for digital marketing and on the other hand digital marketing helps market technology. This symbiotic relationship make technology and digital marketing complementary to each other.

Why Digital Marketing as a career?

Since the inception of Digital Marketing it has shown tremendous results as compared to the traditional marketing. To have an idea we can look into the fact that Digital Marketing generates 3 times as many leads as its contemporary counterpart (traditional marketing) does and that too at a cost 62% less.
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More such amazing benefits of digital marketing has made it popular not only among the businesses and marketing industry but also Digital Marketing has evolved as a new discipline making it as the most sought after career choice.

Why make career in Technology?

Today, technology is buzzing around. There is a fundamental change every business is undergoing and that is, to get technology oriented. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning and Big Data the world is becoming faster and more efficient. The commercial applications of these technologies are countless and businesses integrating with them, have numerous possibilities.
Social Media
Today technologies like open-source (Node js, Angular js, React js, Express, Mysql etc.), CMS (Magento, Kentico) and many others are important to take your business on the technological realm. This has created a huge demand for a proficient technical knowledge that could be acquired relatively easily than ever.


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