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About The Course

Duration : 31 Days

Become proficient in designing, developing and creating world-class user experience for the products.

User experience is one of the most influential factors in determining the success of any product. User experience helps in enhancing the face value of the product, making it easy to use for all age group users. Imagine the functionality of any world-class product you used a decade ago. You can still remember how its different functionality works. This course of learn 360 will not only impart knowledge of user experience fundamentals but will also train you on various tools used by businesses worldwide for user experience.

Duration : 31 Days

Course Curriculum -:

Introduction to User Experience

Topics : What is UX?, Why UX now? Why you should care about UX? User Research – What and why you should do it?

UX Experience Foundations

Topics : The core: Visual, Intellectual, Memory, Motor. Insights: Models, Research Findings, Understanding Your User.

User Centered Analysis and Conceptual Design

Topics : Overview, Creating Design Strategy, Profiles and Personas, Field Studies, Data Gathering, Scenarios and Task Analysis, Primary Noun Architecture, Information Architecture.

The Science & Art of Effective Web & Application Design

Topics : Design is Science & Art, Navigation, Presentation, Content, Interaction, Screen Elements, Accessibility, Internationalization, Beyond Design, Digital Marketing.


Topics : Core concepts, Tools, Best practices.


Topics : Overview, Core Concepts, Types of prototypes, Prototyping.

Practical Usability Testing

Topics : Overview, Core Concepts, Designing a Usability Test, Early Prototype testing, Advanced Prototype Testing, Analysis & Reporting, Remote Testing, Live Site Analysis, 10 Point Checklist.

Design Thinking Process

Topics : Design Thinking Process.

Certifications :

Master certificate

Course completion certificate