Microsoft Technologies – Professional

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About The Course

Duration : 52 Days

This course will provide the necessary knowledge and skills for managing critical projects independently. Specially designed for experienced developers, this course will focus on developing high scale critical applications using ASP.NET technology. Apart from developing applications, trainers will also focus on hoisting applications and version control. High level concepts like independency injection, design patterns, software integration will be covered in this course. This course will also prepare you for managing critical ASP.NET project with ease.

Duration : 52 Days

Course Curriculum :

Cloud (Azure)

Topics : Azure basic concept and its terminology, Why we need azure and it's benefits, What is azure PaaS, IaaS, SaaS, Detail study azure PaaS, Introduction with azure portal and how to use it,. What are web apps, What are cloud services (Web and worker role), What are cloud storage, What is azure SQL database. How to do deployment with web app and cloud services, Practical implementation of azure storage and web app.

Dependency Injection

Topics : What is dependency injection in MVC with example? Why do we need dependency injection in MVC?, What is MVC IOC? What is dependency resolver in MVC?

Design Pattern

Topics : What are design pattern, Benefit and uses of design pattern, Types of design pattern, Practical example of any one design pattern.

DotNet Core Framework (, window app)

Topics : ASP.NET Core – Overview, Environment Setup, New Project, Learn Project Layout, Configuration, Middleware. What’s in NuGet? ASP.NET Core - Setup MVC, Setup MVC Routes, ASP.NET Core - MVC Design Pattern, Setup Entity Framework, Setup WEB API Setup WEB API Routes, What’s New with the UWP?, .NET Core Framework, Create UWP App.

Azure Dev Opp (VSTS,GIT)/Bit Bucket

Topics : Clone an existing repo, Save work with commits, Create work in branches, Share code with push, Update code with fetch and pull, Review code with pull requests, Review History, Authentication, History in Git, Branch Organization, Pull Requests, Forks, Branch policies

Google product for web application. Page insight, Google Analytics

Topics : Page Insight: - Overview, Get Started, Write your First App, Client Libraries, Mobile Libraries, Languages, Google Analytics: - Overview Data/UI Introduction, Profiles and Filters, Visitors Overview, Analysing Data, Measuring Conversions, Measuring Content, Referring & Direct Traffic, Search Engines, Campaigns, Sharing the Data.

Swagger Integration

Topics : Introduction of swagger, Installation of swagger, Implementation with API.

Logging with different app (web/window/cloud)

Topics : What is logging. Importance and purpose of logging, Types of middleware available to perform logging in .net framework, What is ELMAH and how to use it with .net application, What are the different way to do logging in azure web app, Azure cloud login using application insight.

Certifications :

Master certificate

Course completion certificate