Microsoft Technologies – Advance

Microsoft Technologies – Advance

About The Course

Duration : 40 Days

This course is best suited for candidates who possess some basic knowledge of software development using .NET technology. This course will provide exposure to advanced concepts and best for software development using ASP.NET. In this course, our Industry experts will cover topics like web-services, entity framework, multithreading, LINQ and JSON.

Duration : 40 Days

Course Curriculum :

Entity Framework

Topics : Complete use of entity framework, Different approaches used in entity framework, How to do migration with entity framework, Code First & Database First Approaches.

ASP.NET Web Services

Topics : Web Services Introduction, Intro with web services component XML,SOAP, WSDL, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), What is Address, Binding & Contract, WCF Services & Clients, WCF Test Host and Test Client, Self-Hosting, WCF Clients, Configuration Files, Standard Endpoints, WCF Architecture, Addresses and Bindings, Addresses, Bindings, Configuring, Bindings Default Endpoints and Bindings, Service Descriptions, Multiple Endpoints, Service Contracts: Defining Service Contracts, Defining Operation Contracts.


Topics : What is Web API and why to use it? How web API different from web services and wcf service, Benefit of Web API Implement filter, routing and validation with Web API, Securing Web API with authorization, authentication and oauth, Consume Web API, Practical implementation on all above topic.


Topics : What is multithreading?, Benefit of multithreding, Async / Await, Create individual task manage by separate thread Task with cancelation token.


Topics : What is linq, Advantage and uses of linq, What are lambda express, Uses of let and into, Default utility method shared by linq library.

JSON with Serialization Deserialization

Topics : What is json object, Json Uses, Nuget for json parsing, serialization and deserialization

Certifications :

Master certificate

Course completion certificate