iOS App Development

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About The Course

Duration : 40 Days

Apple has one of the most loyal customer-base due to its world-class products. Also, the integrated development environment provided by Apple is easy to use, resulting in a great user experience for the developers. This makes learning iOS a smooth process. In this course provided by the learn 360, our trainers will provide you with the necessary skills required for designing, developing and testing IoS applications. After successful completion of course, you will be able to publish your own application on App store.

Duration : 40 Days

Course Curriculum :

Mobile Industrial Training

Topics : Course Introduction History, Why we require Mobile Devices, History of Mobile Phones (Android & IOS), Characteristics of mobile applications, History of mobile application frameworks, Compare and brief importance of all versions, Overview of latest frameworks.

Language/Platform Overview

Topics : Overview of mobile ecosystem and mobile application development languages – Objective-C/Swift and Java/Kotlin.

Architecture Overview

Topics : Architecture Introduction, Application models of mobile application frameworks, User-interface design for mobile applications, Managing application data.

Enterprise Mobile Applications

Topics : Addressing enterprise requirements in mobile applications: performance, scalability, modifiability, availability and Security.

Testing methodologies for mobile applications

Topics : Addressing enterprise requirements in mobile applications: performance, scalability, modifiability, availability and Security.

Testing methodologies for mobile applications

Topics : Testing methodologies for mobile applications.

IOS Application Development

Topics : Intro to Objective-C/Swift, Objective-C and Smalltalk, Objective-C, C, C++ and Mac OS X, Objective-C and iPhone/iPad/iOS.

Introduction iOS and SDK

Topics : iOS SDK: iPhone, iPad, iWatch, Xcode, Swift, Interface Builder, iPhone Simulator, Debugger.

Introduction to OOPS concept, C and C++

Topics : Introduction to OOPS concept, C and C++.

Objective-C 2.0

Topics : Programming in Objective-C/Swift, The Preprocessor.

Classes, Objects, Methods and Properties

Topics : id null, @interface, @end, @implementation, Archiving, @property @synthesizee @dynamic Data Types, control flow statement, More about Classes, More about Variables and Data Types, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Dynamic Typing, and Dynamic Binding.

Categories and Protocols

Topics : About Categories @catagory About Protocols @protocol.

Foundation Framework

Topics : Introduction to the Foundation Framework.


Topics : NSArray, Enumeration, NSMutableArray, NSDictionary, NSMutableDictionary, Scalar Data Types, NSObject and NSString, NSData and NSDate.


Topics : NSFileManager NSFileHandle NSUserDefaults NSHomeDirectory(), etc. Resource Files Read/Write Text Files Copying Objects Archiving.

Memory Management

Topics : Allocate, Release, Auto Releasing, Reference Counting, Static Analyzer, Garbage Collection.

Cocoa and Touch

Topics : What is Cocoa?, Cocoa Framework and Cocoa Classes, Subclassing, Xcode, Simulator, Interface Builder, Nib files, File’s Owner, Outlet Connections, Action Connections, Inspector.

Controls Part-1

Topics : Controls, Labels, IBOutlet, Buttons, IBAction, Event Handling, UIEvent, Toolbars, Toolbar items, Status bar, Navigation bar and items.

Controls Part-2

Topics : Activity Indicator, Network Activity Indicator, Page Indicator, Progress View, Refresh Control, Scope Bar, Search Bar, Segmented Control, Slider, Stepper, Switch, Detail Disclosure Button, Info Button.

Text Controls

Topics : Text Field and Delegate, Text View and Delegate.

Window Based Application

Topics : Application, Application Delegate, View Controller, Window & Views, Device Info, Screen, CGRect, CGPoint, CGSize, CGRectMake(), CGRectZero, Static Device Info, Dynamic Device Info, Orientation Info, The iPhone Accelerometer, Detecting shakes, Determining orientation, Responding to the accelerometer.

Tab Bar Application

Topics : Tab Bar Controllers, Tab Bars, First View Controller, Second View Controller, Third View Controller, Creating New Classes, Classes and Interface Builder.

Media and Images

Topics : UIImageView, UI image, animationImages, Highlighted Animation Images, UITouch, UIGestureRecognize, UIPinchGestureRecognizer, Panning, Zooming, Rotating Image, Playing Audio, Responding to audio events, Playing audio in background, Recording Audio, Playing Video, Photo Library, UIImagePickerController, Taking Pictures And Movies.


Topics : NSURL, NSURLRequest, NSURLConnection, XMLParser, SCNetwork, CFhttps, CFFTP CFSocket, Web Server.

Working with SQLite

Topics : What Is SQLite?, The SQLite Library, Building a Simple Database, Designing the Database, Creating the Database, Populating the Database, Creating Records with the INSERT Command.

Location and Mapping

Topics : About Core Location, Handling location updates, About Map Kit, Map Overlays, Adding annotations.

Social Networks Integration

Topics : Twitter integration, Facebook integration.

Assignment & Project Development

Topics : Assignment & Project Development.

Certifications :

Master certificate

Course completion certificate