Internet of Things – Professional

IOT Professional Course

About The Course

Duration : 52 Days

Learn 360’s Internet of Things Professional course specially designed for experienced professional having a good understanding in IoT space and wanted to enrich current know-how for getting ready for next level of assignment. This course helps you prepare you to move you up in the position and responsibility ladder. In this course, you will get to know about AWS IoT, Raspberry PI, API integration, and many more.

Duration : 52 Days

Course Curriculum :

Revision of Internet of Things – Advance

Topics : Object oriented programming language, Programming features, IoT protocols and communication.


Topics : Getting Started with AWS IoT, What Is AWS IoT? AWS IoT Components, Device gateway, Message broker, Rules engine, JSON format for AWS, IAM vs Certificate upload, Connection through Shadow update MQTT, AWS MQTT, Set an environment of AWS certificate method inside the AWS IoT console, Set the topic inside the console of AWS IoT, Compile and edit the code of Arduino ESP8266, Exploration done of fs.h library, Added a plugin in Arduino for uploading files inside ESP8266, Certificate Upload in EEP ROM Of Arduino to get authenticated at AWS end, Convert Files with open SSL, Debugging the code, AWS MQTT Working Test, AWS Lambda, AWS SNS, AWS S3, AWS Dynamo DB.

Raspberry PI

Topics : Installation of Raspbian, Win10 IOT Core and Development.

API Integration

Topics : Rest API Making and Calling.


Topics : For Website creation or Making API.


Topics : Arduino Esp8266 Home Automation Project Along With Wireless Esp8266 Mesh Modules.

IoT Protocols & Communication

Topics : Tcp/IP, https, RestApi, WebSocket, RF, MQTT : Introduction to MQTT, Why MQTT?, Features of MQTT, MQTT Subscribe/Publish, MQTT Broker, MQTT QoS, MQTT Security (ThingsPeak,, AWS, Mosquitto MQTT), TLS/SSL, UART, SPI, I2C.

Latest Devices Introduction

Topics : LoRa, Espmesh, LowPower Devices.

Certifications :

Master certificate

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