Internet Of Things – Basic

IOT Course Basic

About The Course

Duration : 31 Days

Learn 360’s Internet of Things basic course specially design for fresher who has never experienced anything in IoT space. This course helps you build strong foundation. In this course you will get to know about basic know-how on Embedded systems in IoT, Arduino function, variables, structure and its coding and understanding of IoT protocols and communication.

Duration : 31 Days

Course Curriculum :

Introduction to Embedded System

Topics : Embedded System in IoT (Microcontroller's Node MCU/PSoC), Difference B/W Microcontroller and Microprocessor, Difference B/W HLL and LLL, Coding in Arduino, Introduction to C Language, Practical on Microcontroller, Working on sensors: LED, 7 Segments, LDR, Comparator, Switch, LCD Touch Screen use, Programming in Embedded C (interfacing like LCD, Keypad etc), Communication with wired & wireless devices, Bluetooth, BLE, RFID, Esp 8266 (Wi-Fi) as a server & Interfacing with web page, Introduction to ESP8266 Mesh Topology, Data from server to controller & controller to server, GPRS AT Commands, GPS Interfacing.


Topics : Functions, Digital I/O, Analog I/O, Time, Interrupts, Variables, Constants, Conversion, Variable Scope & Qualifiers, Structure, Sketch, Control Structure, Arithmetic Operators, Compound Operators

IoT Protocols & Communication

Topics : Tcp/IP, https, RestAPI, WebSocket, RF, MQTT : Introduction to MQTT, Why MQTT?, Features of MQTT, MQTT Subscribe/Publish, MQTT Broker, MQTT QoS, MQTT Security (ThingsPeak,, AWS, Mosquitto MQTT), TLS/SSL, UART, SPI, I2C.

Certifications :

Master certificate

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