Digital Marketing Professional Course

Digital Marketing Professional Course

About The Course

Duration : 65 Days

Our Digital Marketing Professional course is specially designed for experienced professional or business owners having a good understanding of Digital Marketing. This program offers you the chance to master platform-specific skills esteemed by best trainers, while in the meantime establishing a broad-based understanding of the digital marketing world. In this Digital Marketing Professional Course, you’ll run live campaigns on major marketing platforms. You'll learn and apply new strategies, analyze results, create actionable insights, and build a dynamic portfolio of work. After this course, you can directly work on live projects or you can start your own startup(business) and save the cost of paying any digital marketing agency.

Duration : 65 Days

Course Curriculum :

Revision of Digital Marketing – Basic + Advance

Topics : Basics of Marketing and Digital Marketing,SEO,SMM,SEM,Content Marketing,Email Marketing,Video Marketing,Google Analytics,Influencer Marketing,Affiliate Marketing and Latest Digital Marketing Tools.

Introduction to Marketing

Topics : What is Marketing ? 4 P’s of Marketing. Understanding Marketing Processes. History of Marketing.Inbound and Outbound Marketing.

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Topics : What is Digital Marketing ? How Digital Marketing can help to increase business? Digital Marketing V/S Traditional Marketing.Understanding Digital Marketing processes. The significance of Digital Branding. Customer Engagement in the online environment. Case Studies and Live Examples. Digital Marketing Trends to look out for. Overview of Artificial Intelligence. Importance of Voice Search. Visual Search.

Digital Marketing Techniques :

Search Engine Optimization

Topics : What is SEO? What is On-Page SEO? Top On-Page Optimization Techniques. What is Off-Page SEO? Top Off-Page SEO Strategy. Algorithms and Updates. What are Keywords? Different types of Keywords. Keyword Research. How to do a Competitor analysis? SEO Audit Report. Blog Creation on Wordpress. What is Searching & how a Search Engine works? Website and Basics. Google Webmaster: Google Search Engine Console(GSEC). Local SEO. SEO Friendly Design and Architecture. Tools for Keyword planning. SEO friendly content writing. Site Audit and Advance SEO Tools. Top tools for SEO. Monitoring SEO process.How to select a domain. How to create better Title and Meta Description for site pages. Image naming, image title, and alt tag creation. Importance of Heading tags (H1 to H6). Robots.txt file use and creation. Why is Alexa rank important? How to get Backlinks? Press release writing and submissions. Business listing. RSS feeds. Optimize your site for voice search. Know how to measure SEO performance. Improve user experience across your entire site. Mobile Friendly.

Social Media Marketing

Topics : What is Social Media? History of Social Media Channels. What is Social Media Marketing? Social Media Marketing Strategies. Overview of Facebook Marketing. Overview of Instagram Marketing. An overview of Twitter Marketing. Overview of LinkedIn Marketing. Overview of Pinterest Marketing. Facebook Ads.Importance of Social Media.Instagram Ads. LinkedIn Ads. Pinterest Ads. How to build a brand? How to generate leads through Facebook? How Social Media Change the world with Examples and Case- studies. Social Media Management Tools.Social Media Marketing Calendar. Messenger Ads. Instagram Stroy Ads. Twitter Ads. Overview of Snapchat and Snapchat Ads. Understanding linking of all Social Media & Re-Marketing Platforms for Marketing purpose. What is Story Telling? Importance of Story Telling in Social Media. Some Examples of Story Telling Content. Live Streaming & Engagement. IGTV. Story (Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Snapchat). Importance of Hashtags(#) in Social Media. How to create engaging content in Social Media? Case Studies and Live Examples.

Search Engine Marketing

Topics : What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)? What is Pay Per Click(PPC)?What is Google Ads? Google Ads Account Set-up. Understanding AdWords account structure. Google Ads Strategies. Search Ads Campaigns. Display Ads Campaigns.Video Ads Campaigns. Shopping Ads Campaigns. Email Ads Campaigns. Landing Page Optimization. Different types of Search Engine Marketing Activities. Text Ads. Image Ads. Banner Ads. Rich Media Ads. Understanding different types of Bid Strategy. Different types of Ad Extensions. Tracking & Measuring ROI of online advertising. Various tools for Search Engine Marketing. Understanding Keywords & Finding relevant Ad group options. Latest trends in Google Ad Campaigns.Ad Formats and Guidelines. What is Re-marketing and Re-marketing Campaign. Conversion Tracking.Google Ads Express. Setting up the first campaign in Google Ads. Ad-Groups and Keywords Setup. Mapping PPC marketing to the sales funnel. Bing account setup. Setting up the first campaign in Bing Ads. Campaign budgeting tips.Use of Negative Keywords.Google Ads glossary or terms. How to calculate acquisition cost?.Bing and Google search partner networks.

Content Marketing

Topics : What is Content? How to create and market engaging content, Importance of Content Marketing. Various types of Content with practical examples. Importance of Headlines. How to write a Great Compelling Content? How to Promote Content Effectively. How to do Keyword research for Content ideas? Top 10 Eye-Catchy Headlines. Unique ways to write engaging headlines.

Email Marketing

Topics : What is Email Marketing? Top Email Marketing Tools. How Does Email work? Types of Email Marketing. Email Marketing & your Business. Some important things that you should know to create engaging e-mailers. Good examples of e-mailers. How to send the right messages with Life-cycle Marketing in Email Marketing? How to do contact management & segmentation in Email Marketing? How to design Email & and understand Functionality. Developing relationships with Lead Nurturing. How to measure success with Email Analytics?

Video Marketing

Topics : Why video plays an important role in Digital Marketing? Video Marketing Strategies: YouTube Marketing. Video in SEO. Video in Social Media. E-Commerce Video. Some Free Video Creation Tools. Make a video that users watch. Paid Video Promotion. Analyze the customer journey. Video length guidelines. Schedule your videos. Importance of YouTube. Examples of Video Campaigns.

Google Analytics:

Topics : Starting with Google Analytics. How to measure success through Google Analytics? Understanding How Google Analytics works. Google Analytics Glossary. Google Analytics Account Structure. How to set up Analytics Account. Understanding Goals and Conversions. Understanding Google Analytics insights. Cookies Tracking. Goal Setup in Google Analytics. What is Bounce Rate and How to reduce it? Link Tagging.

Introduction to Influencer Marketing

Topics : What is Influencer Marketing with Examples? Effective strategies for Influencer Marketing. Why influencer Marketing is important? Setting goals for your program.

Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Topics : Overview of Affiliate Marketing How does Affiliate Marketing work? 3A’s of Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing Success Stories. Pricing Models. How does Affiliate Tracking Work?

Digital Marketing Tools

Topics : Canva. WordPress. SEMrush. Grammarly. Google Analytics. Google Keyword Planner. SEOptimer. Soovle. Google Analytics. MailChimp. Hootsuite. Buffer. SocialOomph. Facebook Page Manager. Facebook Ads. Google Trends. Ubersuggest. Ahrefs. Buzzsumo. Yoast. Freepik.

Certifications :

Master certificate

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