Android App Development

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About The Course

Duration : 31 Days

Android is one of the most trusted operating systems for mobile devices. It is an open source which results in creating economical mobile applications. Due to the high demand of Android developer, mastering android development will enhance the chances of securing a job. Due to the high demand of mobile developers, one can work as a freelancer instead of taking an 8 to 5 full-time job. In this course industry experts will provide the necessary knowledge required for designing, developing and testing Android applications.

Duration : 31 Days

Course Curriculum :

Mobile Industrial Training

Topics : Course Introduction History, Why we require Mobile Devices, History of Mobile Phones (Android & IOS), Characteristics of mobile applications, History of mobile application frameworks, Compare and brief importance of all versions, Overview of latest frameworks.

Language/Platform Overview

Topics : Overview of mobile ecosystem and mobile application development languages – Objective-C/Swift and Java/Kotlin.

Architecture Overview

Topics : Architecture Introduction, Application models of mobile application frameworks, User-interface design for mobile applications, Managing application data.

Enterprise Mobile Applications

Topics : Addressing enterprise requirements in mobile applications: performance, scalability, modifiability, availability and Security.

Testing methodologies for mobile applications

Topics : Addressing enterprise requirements in mobile applications: performance, scalability, modifiability, availability and Security.

Testing methodologies for mobile applications

Topics : Testing methodologies for mobile applications.

Introduction to Android

Topics : A little Background about mobile technologies, Overview of Android - An Open Platform for Mobile Development, Open Handset Alliance, What does Android run On – Android Internals?, Why to use Android for mobile development?

Introduction to OOPS concept and JAVA

Topics : OOPs Concepts, Inheritance in detail, Exception handling, Packages & interfaces, JVM & .jar file extension Collections – HashTable, Vector, List, ArrayList, HashMap, Multi threading (Thread class & Runnable Interface).

Developing for Android: My First Android Application

Topics : How to setup Android Development Environment, Android development Framework - Android-SDK, Eclipse, Emulators – What is an Emulator / Android AVD?, Creating & setting up custom Android emulator, Android Project Framework, My First Android Application.

Android Activities and UI Design

Topics : Understanding Intent, Activity, Activity Lifecycle and Manifest .

Advanced UI Programming

Topics : Event driven Programming in Android (Text Edit, Button clicked etc.), Creating a splash screen, Event driven Programming in Android, Android Activity Lifecycle, Creating threads for gaming requirement, Understanding the Exception handler.

Toast, Menu, Dialog, List and Adapters

Topics : What is Menu?, Custom Vs. System Menus, Creating and Using Handset menu Button (Hardware), What are Android Themes. What is Dialog? How to create an Alter Dialog?, What is Toast in Android?, List & Adapters, Manifest.xml File Update.

Multimedia Programming using Android

Topics : Multimedia audio formats - Creating and Playing, Multimedia audio formats - Kill / Releasing (Memory Management), How to associate audio in any application, How to associate video playback with an event.

Database – SQLite

Topics : Introducing SQLite, SQLiteOpenHelper and creating a database, Opening and closing a database, Working with cursors Inserts, updates, and deletes.

Location Based Services and Google Maps

Topics : Using Location Based Services, Finding current location and listening for changes in location, Geocoder, Working with Google Maps, Displaying route on map.


Topics : Notification Manager, Pending Intent, Notifications (Show and Cancel).

Social Media Login

Topics : Twitter, Facebook, Gmail.

Network Data Interaction

Topics : Volley, Retrofit.

Device Connectivity

Topics : Bluetooth Tutorial, List Paired Devices, Working with WiFi, Working with Camera.

Assignment & Project Development

Topics : Assignment & Project Development.

Certifications :

Master certificate

Course completion certificate